pixel 4
pixel 4

People are in anticipation of the Google Pixel 4. It is expected that the phone will be announced on October 6th if Google wants to keep up with its culture of announcing smartphones year in year out. So people are asking questions like: What will the design be like? How much will it cost? What will the Camera be like? What about the display? What other unique features will it have?

Question 1: What will the design be like?

The phone hasn’t been released but there are some information about it seen in leaks on the internet. We know the Pixel 4 will arrive with black glass back, a square camera module at the top left, but there will be no rear fingerprint sensor.

Question 2: How much will it cost?

Not much has been heard about the potential cost of the Pixel 4 but we can make educated guess. However, analysts have taken a deep look at things trying to weigh in factors such as what Pixel 3 went for in price. Some have even spoken about Samsung Galaxy 10 and put the price of Pixel 4 in the range of $799 to $999. Two things attribute to the price given here. One is that smartphone prices are on the rise and secondly, it is not too easy to know what Google does when we take a look at what the company has done before.

Question 3: What will the camera be like?

Google is jumping into the multi-camera trend. We trust that with a bit of advantage on hardware over competitors, the come out with something grand on cameras. But if we will get satisfied with the square module we saw from leaks, then Google will be giving something like Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Well, this module suggests two cameras.

Most likely, as suggestions have it, there may be a 12 MP main camera and another 16 MP camera. It is most likely that a camera of 48 MP or 64 MP will be seen when the phone finally arrives in October. There’s also word that the company is working on DSLR-like attachment for this new Pixel 4 phone. There is an argument that if Google lets the camera remain at just two it will be better than making it triple or quad camera phone since power will be more concentrated in those two than more..

Question 4: What about the display?

It is suggested that the screen size will be 5.7 inches of FHD+ 1080p 90 Hz display. It means that Pixel 3 XL is larger. It will be smooth display along the lines of OnePlus 7 Pro. We look forward to see even more great features in this display.

Question 5: What other unique features will it have?

Not much that we can actually confirm but we do know that Google Pixel 4 is coming out powered by Android 10. We sure would love to see what performance that will be in the new smartphone. Qualcomm Snapdragon will still be the chipset found on the mobile device. However, since Google has many competitors to deal with, we are sure the company will do more to woo fans in 2019.

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