Google Pixel Slate Review: 10 Things You Should Know


Welcome Google Pixel Slate on board! It runs on Chrome Operating System (OS). This is perhaps going to be one of the most popular operating systems in the near future. It is designed to offer something like what iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, and Samsung Galaxy Tab lines of tablets do, or even step ahead of the pack.

Keep reading to get 10 very important details about this new device.

i.                    Talking about resolution, the Slate has 3000 x 2000 resolutions and is 293 pixels per inch. In addition, it has 12.3-inch display. This guarantees it is sharper at the screen than its counterparts. The aspect ratio is 3.2, which is a bit wider than that of the iPad. 16:9 videos will have smaller black bars around.

ii.                  It has dual front-facing speakers, and they are loud. The power button is also the fingerprint sensor. It looks very much like the iPad Pro. In fact, you have to look diligently to tell one apart from the other. Google Pixel Slate is thin and light-weight. Further, it is endowed with rounded corners.

iii.                The Google Pixel Slate also features 8 MP cameras to the front and the rear. The device sports wide-angled front sensor for video chatting.

iv.                The Pixel Slate also has backlit keyboard with keys that feature trackpad to add a cursor in case the user wants to navigate using a mouse. This is for those who don’t want to make use of the touch screen all the time.

v.                  The Google Pixel Slate is powered by Intel processors. For example, an Intel Celeron processor powers the base model. Furthermore, it also has higher performance m3, i5 and i7 versions or variants.

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vi.                The user has to purchase an integrated kickstand and keyboard cover in case he or she would love to have it propped up in Google Slate. However, Google makes things easier providing a keyboard cover with different angles of use and full backlighting. Don’t worry; it won’t make annoying sounds when you’re typing. Buyers will have to get the optional keyboard for $199. Similarly, they have to buy the stylus pen for $99.

vii.              Google Pixel Slate price starts from $599 with base specs. Nevertheless, at this price, the user will benefit from Intel Celeron Processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Remember, higher variants will also come with larger storage.

viii.            Intel Celeron Processor works slow depending on the intensity in which you multi-task especially when it’s in the low-cost Chromebooks. Google Pixel Slate has options for faster 8th gen Intel Core 15 or 17 processors. However, this is found in the Slate hardware variants that cost up to $899.

ix.                Battery life for Google Pixel Slate promises to be 12 hours of mixed usage. We don’t know what the stand-by time is at present, but we know that Chrome OS devices don’t handle stand-by time effectively.

x.                  Regarding availability, Google has not provided exact details yet for when the Google Pixel Slate will be released but we have belief it will be out by the end of the year as the company said. Google is also making sure to bundle three months of Youtube Live, the company’s streaming TV service into the Pixel Slate when it comes on board.

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To conclude, we think that Google Pixels Slate will look fanciful in the hand of the user. It will also have new OS features. Only thing is the price, which may restrain some from buying it. Will it be a durable tablet? We cannot say yet.

Let’s hear what you feel and think about this upcoming product. Please leave your comments below.

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