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The cryptocurrency fever has dropped somewhat in 2018, largely because of the many regulations that are being introduced in many countries. And the mining now receives a new setback with the new division of Google Play. Since the presence of such applications in the Playstore will be prohibited. It will not be possible to download them directly.

Google Play will eliminate applications that mine cryptocurrencies

This is one of the changes that Google is introducing to improve the quality of the applications that are currently available in the store. And this affects those that mine cryptocurrencies.

Changes in Google Play

The new publication policy on Google Play is already official and affects many types of applications, including those that are dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. However, applications that are dedicated to giving information about this market, or allow you to manage your currencies, are not going to be prohibited. So you will be able to continue downloading in the store.

Also applications with a lot of publicity and little content, violence, and having inappropriate content. So it is likely that we will soon see how thousands of applications are eliminated in Google Play. Since there are many that do not meet the new criteria.

We will see how these changes are made. But soon it will not be possible to download applications that serve for the mining of cryptocurrencies in Android. A change of importance that will undoubtedly affect many users. What do you think about this change?

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