Google releases add-ons for Gmail on Android and Gmail Web

In March, Google announced that additional add-ons found in the Google Drive app would be delivered to Gmail. And now, the Gmail add-on is officially launched on both the web app and the Gmail app for Android. Google predicts that the Gmail add-on will allow users to complete tasks and workflows right from their inbox without having to switch between applications.

Gmail add-ons can be “the context of the application you need” based on the content of a message. On Android, there is a new bar at the bottom of the list. Available add-ons. Touching that will launch a panel that takes up nearly half of the display. On the web app, the add-on is accessible via a new track on the right with a slider. Launching an add-on will populate email reminders and users can quickly edit information without leaving Gmail. Also, the add-on also syncs between applications and devices.

Google partnered with some partners earlier this year, and the number of add-ons from major services available includes Asana, Dialpad, DocuSign, Hire, Inuit QuickBooks Invoicing, ProperWorks, RingCentral, SmartSheet, Streak, Trello and Wrike. However, any third-party developer can create add-ons. To get started on the web, add-ons can be accessed by clicking Settings in the upper right corner and selecting Get add-ons in the menu. So, with the added benefits of Gmail, it’s easy to accomplish many tasks directly from your inbox without interrupting your work.

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