Google has officially launched “Emoji Minis” which is an expansion of their previously released Mini Stickers; an application which makes stickers of people based on their selfies.

The company says that “Emoji Minis” uses machine learning techniques to create emoji-sized stickers that resemble humans.

“Emoji Minis are designed for those who may have stared into the eyes of emoji and not seen yourself staring back”

The company spoke about the idea before further emphasizing on how the idea is the company’s way to improve the representation of people through emojis.

“These sticker versions of the emoji you use every day are customizable so you can make them look just like you”

According to the company, Emoji Mini makes use of neural networks with which it suggests skin tone, hair color, styles, and other accessories. It gives users so much freedom and liberty to personalize and custom create the emoji to look exactly as they want them. Users have the ability to pick hair color, headwear, and even eyewear. Aside from these obvious elements, what is more, groundbreaking is that its ability to allow users to add lifelike features such as wrinkles and freckles.

Information is used not to create just one emoji but a selection of emoji which can be further be used as default emojis.

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While many might be flattered to see Emoji Mini as nothing groundbreaking and serious, the application could be a major player in the adoption of Google services and devices.

With the evolution of human communication through social media intervention, people have begun to found ways to augment online interaction and emojis, memes and gifs have been playing a defying role in deepening the experience.

Google seems to be aware of this fact as do rival company, Apple seems which might be the reason why it advertises its very own Animoji and Memoji as major draw points for its latest devices.


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