It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Google is introducing a new pool of security measures as part of moves to make things better for fans. This is supposed to be a risk assessment feature that will require javascript to run it. Actually, this all began a last week when Google redesigned the “My Account” page that packs in all of a user’s privacy and security option in one location.

This simply a redesigned page that doesn’t offer additional privacy of security options over those already provided. In this way, a customer can easily understand how to set the options. So having an insecure information means that other people can see the information. You need to make it private to make it more secure.

Thus, Google offers information about the revamped privacy settings. It reveals that the new account page gives users quick access to the settings and tools that are needed to safeguard their information such as data, so that they can decide which information is used to make Google services work better for them. Users through the use of these tools will also understand what options they have and make the right choices.

In addition, there is a new feature called ‘Privacy Checkup’ and it allows users or customers to review and change the information Google uses to personalize each person’s experience, letting Google know which information about the customer can be shared with members of the public.

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As the customer browses online, privacy checkup also sets apart some information for Google to use. These may relate to Youtube viewing, location history, and a few other data. The customer can through this setting also view his or her customer advertising settings and change them accordingly.

The user may even be able to opt out of seeing ads if he or she wants. However, the customer may see some irrelevant ads after opting out.

There is also the ‘Security Checkup’ that allows customers to turn on a two-factor authentication, and they can also see a list of the devices that have been used to sign into the account in the past. The user can also have the option to disable some unwanted apps. The user will also be able to see all the websites attached to the Google account.


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