Google Station

Google Station, Also known as the Google Free WiFi service is a program run by Google in collaboration with local internet service providers with the aim of bringing free, reliable and fast internet connection to developing countries in order to help businesses boost commercial growth. Google station is Available in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and now Nigeria.

Google announced the entry of the Google Station Program into Nigeria at the Google Now for Nigeria event that held a while back. Google Station is currently available in some cities in Lagos for now. However, with time, it will spread across to other cities within Lagos as well as other cities in other Nigeria states. To make this possible, Google partnered with a Nigerian fiber optic network provider called the 21st Century. The Google Station is currently available in 200 different locations in 5 Cities in the country. Some of the locations are listed below.

  • Muritala Mohammed Airport
  • Landmark
  • The Palms, Lekki
  • Ikeja City Mall
  • Computer Village (Ore Meji, Otigba, Ositelu, Osundairo, Ola Ayeni and Pepple Street)

If you’re not currently in Lagos then you would be happy to know that the Google Station is coming soon to other Cities in Other Nigeria states namely Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan, Kaduna and Enugu. If you’re in Lagos and close to any of the aforementioned cities where the Google Station is present, then simply follow the steps below to use Google’s reliable, free, fast and secure WiFi service.

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Google Station: How to Use Google Free WiFi Service

First things first, you have to make sure that you are within range of a WiFi Station. If you aren’t within range of a WiFi Station then your phone won’t be able to see Google’s WiFi network and if your phone can’t see then it can’t connect to it. Remember, proximity is important. The closer you get to the WiFi station the better.

  • For iPhone Users, Go to Settings >> Connections >> Turn on your WiFi. This will search for available WiFi networks. For Android Users, Go to Settings >> Connections Or WiFi and Turn on WiFi. Immediately you that, it will start search for available WiFi networks.
  • After searching for available WiFi networks, you should see “Free Google-Station-21st Century” among the results. Click on it.

  • Your device will connect to the WiFi networks and instantly open a webpage. Tap on Sign In on the webpage and Click on Start.

  • Now you’ll be required to provide your phone number. Do so in the space provided.

  • After providing your phone number, a code will be sent to that phone number your provided. Now, input the code you got in the space provided on-screen and you’re connected.

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You can now surf the internet with Google’s free WiFi service. Be sure to check the WiFi bar. A Full bar is recommended for the best connection so make sure you get as close as possible to the WiFi station.


That’s how to make use of Google’s free WiFi service also know as Google Station. In case you’re wondering what Google gets out of dishing out free WiFi service then you might want to know that while you’re connected to Google’s free WiFi service you will shown some local ads while you surf the internet. These ads generate revenue for them to keep the Program running. If you ask me, viewing the ads is a small price to pay for free, fast and secure internet connection.


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