google tencent
google tencent

Last week we witnessed rumors that Google is planning to return to the Chinese billionaire market with a completely new integrated AI news app that has the ability to censor content itself for this country. And most recently, it seems that the company wants to expand its influence in this market by bringing the G Suite service to China through its domestic partners and services that provide cloud storage inland.

G Suite includes the types of services provided by Google such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, …

According to reports from Bloomberg, Google has been in talks with Tencent and two other cloud hosting companies since the beginning of this year. The company said domestic storage servers will be used so that Google can provide services such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar… to this market.

Google will partner with Tencent to bring its services to the billionaire market

Laws enacted in China have ordered any foreign company wishing to operate in the country will be required to store user data in home servers. Instead of manually building a large data center, Google will rely on local partners to store local user data.

Big partners like Tencent or Inspur in the Chinese market will most likely help Google accomplish these goals against the government’s censorship. Earlier this year, Google announced a separate partnership with Tencent’s WeChat social network, in the field of collaborative and development of future technologies.

The effort to return to the billionaire’s market may never be over

A report from Bloomberg says Tencent can encourage its cloud hosting partners to use Google services. This will help them gain strength from strong competition from rivals in the domestic market, typically Alibaba.

Bringing the G Suite to the billionaire market will be a big step forward for Google in competing with Microsoft’s services around the world. The issues surrounding this may be directly related to the trade war between the United States and China at the moment, just as the Google Dragonfly and Google search projects are still affecting this war.

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