Google TV and Android TV – What is the difference?


If you search for a definition of Google TV, you will probably get something like “Google TV is the company’s platform for smart TVs and set-top boxes.” But hold on, what about Android TV? Isn’t that the official TV platform from Google? What about the Google TV app? Well in this article, we will try to explain another one of Google’s naming mess.

First off, Google TV is pretty much the same as Android TV. The simplest way to put it is that Google TV is simply Android TV with a fresh coat of paint.

The concept of Google TV is similar to that behind Samsung’s One UI. Now, a Samsung phone that runs OneUI is still running Android TV. Quite similarly, any TV running Google TV still has Android TV underneath.Xscreenshot 20201002 145041 E1601668965710.png.pagespeed.gp+jp+jw+pj+ws+js+rj+rp+rw+ri+cp+md.ic.fbyag8wpt1


The latest update to Android Tv was based on Android 9. Google TV on the other hand is based on the more recent Android 10. This means that if you are upgrading from Android TV to Google TV, it is pretty much the same as upgrading from Android 8 to Android 9. The only difference is the number of changes that come with the latest “Google TV” update.

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Android TV Home Screen

Apart from the change in name, another major change that comes with Google TV is the home screen. Google TV comes with a home screen experience that has been designed to be based around recommendations. The operating system pulls movies and TV series from the streaming services you subscribe to and recommends them to you on your home screen.

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Google TV Home Screen

Google has also revamped the entire process required for setting up a new device. The process no longer takes place on the TV itself. Instead, the process is done via the Google Home app. When setting up your device, Google will ask you to select the streaming services you subscribe to so it can give you recommendations on your home screen based on what you watch.


Another major change we can see in Google TV is the “Watchlist.” Google TV allows you to add movies and TV series to your watchlist using Google Search on any of your other devices. These movies and shows can then be accessed via the home screen of your TV. You can also check the list via the Google TV app.2020 10 01 15 03 47

And yes, the new update introduces a Google TV app as well. Google has renamed the Google Play Movies & TV app to Google TV. You can still use the service to rent and but movies. However, the service now includes your streaming services and Watchlist as well. You can use the app to search for anything and you will get a response on where it can be watched.

So the key factor from all this is that Google TV and Android TV are pretty much the same things. Of course, their appearances differ but the down to the core, they are the same. Most of the changes can be seen via the home screen.

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