google play store e1582373814306
google play store e1582373814306

Yesterday a new method started circulating on the Internet to put Google services on Huawei smartphones that don’t have them. It has its risks and may not be safe. However, it is up to each one to decide whether to install it or not. The search engine giant has already warned that it is dangerous. You can read more about it here. Now there may be a light at the end of the tunnel that could give access to the Play Store on Huawei smartphones and other apps as well.

Google wants to integrate the Play Store on Huawei smartphones

Just for context and as you may already know, Huawei cannot access Google services due to a problem with the United States. Basically this manufacturer was placed on the list of unreliable companies. You can continue to use Android due to the Open-Source character of this operating system and its Linux roots, but you cannot access applications such as YouTubeGmailMaps and the Google store itself. The point is that whoever bought a Huawei like Mate 30 Pro tries at all costs to have these apps again and does it without thinking about security and unfortunately there may be some risks.

To avoid these problems, Google asked the United States to create an exception that would allow them to provide Google services. This is something that happened with Microsoft and that can work freely with Huawei. In what way? Well, it provides Windows for your notebooks. Now if the United States accepts Google’s request, then there will be Play Store again for Huawei smartphones.

It is true that Huawei is already preparing an alternative to this store. Something known as the HMS, or put another way, Huawei Mobile Services. However, it will take a long time before you can have everything the Play Store can give. It is that China is not a big problem since users are not used to Google services. However, in other regions of the world and particularly in Europe we are very used to using these apps.

Personally, I find it difficult for the United States to accept, but there may be other agreements in between that are unknown to us. If so, then perhaps the United States will accept it. The fact that the use of other systems to access Google services, bypassing the existing protections, may also harm Google itself.

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