Google Will Start Blocking Third Party’s Tracker Cookies Except Its Own

Google Will Start Blocking Third Party's Tracker Cookies Except Its Own

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is going to launch new privacy tools to limit the usage of cookies. Google will implement a built-in tracking blocker in its Chrome Browser that will block third-party cookies except for Google’s own scripts and cookies.

This step will strengthen Google’s advertising platform which is already dominating the market. Other digital marketing companies will have a tough scenario if this step is taken. Those who are familiar to this matter informed the Wall Street Journal that Google will also release a control dashboard in the Chrome browser to manage and block the tracking cookies. But this control dashboard will not affect any of Google’s own cookies and scripts. This is a very huge advantage for its advertisement market.

Google’s advertising rivals will find it very difficult to survive. It is so because of Google Chrome browser’s usage share of 62.4% according to Wikipedia. Sources say that this feature has been discussed for the past 6 years.

Google Now Open Sources Its Robots.txt Parser Code

Even Google has been working on a browser identifier which could link all the online activities to a user. This browsers identifier used by the advertisers could be very easily turned on or off according to the users’ will. This project got stopped as because it required editing millions of codes and renegotiating thousands of agreements.

But if these reports are correct then Google would change its decision and could move ahead with its initial project. This project got boost when Facebook Cambridge Analytica incident took place.

According to the sources of the Wall Street Journal, Google may make the announcement related to new privacy tool ie cookie tracking control dashboard in Google annual developer’s conference, I/O 2019. This annual conference will start tonight. So, we need to wait for an announcement by the company about the planning of launching new cookie tracking controls.


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