Googles Go Language Free Course Is Now Available On Codeacademy
Googles Go Language Free Course Is Now Available On Codeacademy

Go or (Golang) is an open-source programming language developed by Google and designed to build fast, reliable, and efficient software at a scale. Go language is being used as an alternative to C++ and Java by the developers to develop apps for Google’s network servers and distributed systems.

For your knowledge, Google’s Go is the language of Cloud Native infrastructure and software development. Developers use this language for application development, web development, operations and infrastructure teams, etc. Much of Google’s own cloud platform is powered by this language.

Now Codeacademy has collaborated with Google to provide a new course on Go language. This course will be free and specially built for beginners.

The tutorials provided in the course are easy to understand and its four modules are now live. The current four running modules offer 9 hours worth of content and cover topics such as introduction, variables, conditionals, and functions.

You will find the lessons getting broken into smaller steps and accompanied by quizzes to make learning more interesting and effective.

You will also be able to build the following projects after the completion of this free course:

  • Gopher: Print out ASCII art using Go.
  • Bank Heist: Simulate a bank heist using conditionals.
  • Comic Mischief: Store data about a comic shop using variables.
  • Interstellar Travel: Call the functions especially of a space-traveling agency.

.So, those who are really interested to learn Go or find out more information related to it, you can simply check out the Codeacaedmy’s official Learn Go page.

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