Gta Online 5
Gta Online 5

Very recently, a new update for GTA Online was released that implemented a series of new content in the game. Being that it ended up awakening more things and that Rockstar really wanted nothing, that is, the failures!

That said, we know that in the image of the past, there is a new bug in the game, namely in your garage. This allows players to earn a lot of money by wasting just a few minutes.

GTA Online: New glitch allows players to earn 2 million!

Gta Online
Gta Online

So, if you happen to be short of money in the game and need to buy a number of new things, this could be the perfect opportunity to make some “dough” without having to do a lot for it.

However, you will need a few things to complete this bug, they being nothing less than the most expensive office in the game and 6 or 7 parking spaces available in the garage. Only then will you be able to earn the 2 million in just a few minutes.

So, to earn this money, just buy a house at “Unit 124 Popular St”. And once you get to the bottom of the sign to buy, do the following:

  • Pause menu – online mode – creator. Once in creator mode, just access the pause menu, play GTA Online and enter a session by invitation.
  • After that, go to Destiny 8 by phone and buy the cheapest properties in Slots 6 and 7.
Gta V
Gta V

In short, a small flaw in GTA Online that lasts just as long as 3 minutes could yield about 2,700,000 in-game money.

However, the best thing is to hurry up and earn all this money because Rockstar will fix this soon. So make the most of it and buy everything you’ve always dreamed of and which you haven’t yet achieved due to the lack of Money Money!

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