Gta Vi
Gta Vi

GTA VI is clearly one of the most anticipated games of all time. After all, GTA V hit the market almost 7 years ago… So players are in fact “dead” for new content, if possible in the form of a completely new game. However, it seems that the news is not the best and GTA VI may even take longer than expected to reach the market.

That said, there has been a lot of talk on the Internet during recent times that the new game should only be released when GTA V is 10 years old. That is, GTA VI only arrives in 2023! However, Rockstar has not yet officially confirmed any of this, but … It has not been denied either!

GTA VI may even be released in 2023! But why?

Therefore, fans of this fantastic series of games have always thought that GTA VI would hit the market together with the next generation consoles. That is, during the next month of November. However, Rockstar changed their plans to everything and declared a “small delay”. Which led fans to great disappointment… Which in turn seems to have put a lot of pressure on the studio.

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So even Shawn Fonteno himself went public and asked fans to stop asking for things and to stop making demands. After all, according to him Why does a player who is still enjoying GTA V after so many on the market, come to complain and demand GTA VI? Don’t pressure Rockstar!

Gta 6
Gta 6

In short, we will really have to wait and see what plan Rockstar has for GTA V and GTA VI. This is because it is true that players should not pressure Rockstar. However, it has been 7 years since GTA V hit the market. And if the difference from 4 to 5 has barely reached 4 years. Why will GTA VI take 10 years to reach the market?

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