Gionee Elife E8 hands on IT168 image 1
Gionee Elife E8 hands on IT168 image 1

Android no doubt is a wonderful operating system (OS). Over the last few years, it has won the heart of many smartphone users, especially now that the product is relatively affordable and lots of low end products in the market.

While it is a great operating system, it also comes with its own challenges. And one of them is the security of data. A recent report by Google (owner of android) revealed that about 50 malware infested apps have been deleted from the play store (i.e the android market).

This is so because Google operates an ‘app love’ policy which enables third party app developers to add any app to the play store, and this is the reason why android seems to be extremely app loaded. And with this load of apps come security problems. I’ll list below the top 5 security apps that will give you somewhat peace of mind whilst you’re enjoying your smartphone.

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  1. McAfee Wavesecure: This is a popular company that has created a niche for itself in the security industry, however unlike just the virus scan or firewall protection which you might have known this company for, this wavescure also comes with some special features which would afford you the luxury of remotely locking your phone(to avoid unauthorized access),you can wipe data from your phone, backup and restore wiped data. You can also track and map your device using GPS. This app is free. (
  2. mSecure Password manager: Are you in the habit of forgetting passwords?…you misplace your notepad or so?…not to worry. This app would help you remember or save your password. From bank account numbers, phone pins, etc, you’re covered with this app. It encrypts your data to avoid theft using the 265 bit blowfish technology for encryption. Should you forget its own password, it has a password hint that would give you a clue or security question. If you find it difficult generating passwords, it will do the job for you, by generating strong passwords on your behalf. (
  3. Antivirus Free: This app according to statistics is very popular(it has been downloaded by over 12000 users) on the android market. It also has received an average rating of four and a half (4.5), this is because the app is a straight forward and effective app. Once installed, it scans already installed apps using its own database of malicious apps, if it detects any, it’ll alert you. So I’ll recommend this for detecting malicious applications.(
  4. Titanium BACKUP PRO key: while mSecure protects your passwords, this one backs up your data so you won’t lose it at all. Every application you have on your phone is kept safe because this backup pro backs them up for you. It also encrypts, so no one would ‘steal’ your data. There is a batch verification should you want to freeze apps on your phone. And also,if you want to ‘kill’ apps that take too much space on your android, there is an experimental bloatware melter meant for that purpose.(
  5. AppSCAN Beta: Aegislab’s appscan beta is designed to stop you from downloading a malicious file in the first place. It scan about to be downloaded apps for spyware or malware, if any is found it flags them as suspicious. Also, if you hate adverts this app is for you, because it will also scan apps for unwanted adverts.(  this are just my 5 most recommended security apps for your smart phones. Feel free to add any trusted app you know using the comment area below.

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