If you no longer need to use your Apple ID account, you can permanently delete them, which will help protect your user information later. Let’s find out how to do it.

First go to the Data and privacy options in Apple’s Security settings, which you can click here for quick access to this item. Then sign in to the Apple ID account you want to delete.

At the Delete your account item, select Start.

At this point, Apple will display a few warnings after the user has deleted the account from the system, as well as some suggestions for backing up account data.

Also, if you still decide to permanently delete your account, please select any of the reasons suggested by Apple below and Continue.

Shortly thereafter, users will see some important things to know before deleting your account, including:

  • Once deleted, you will not be able to access items purchased in iTunes, Books, and App store
  • The current iCloud package will be canceled
  • Your subscriptions including iTunes, Netflix, … will be canceled

After selecting Continue, and agree to the terms. Then select an email to track the deletion process. 

Apple will provide the user with a 12-digit code, save this code. Then click Next.

Enter the 12 digit number saved above, and select Continue. A pop up displays and confirms the permanent deletion of the account.

The last step is to log out your newly removed Apple ID account from the devices you logged in to avoid some potential risks. The account deletion process can take up to 7 days. 

Think carefully about your decision, because once you’ve chosen to delete your account, you have no way of recovering it.

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