Hacker Developed a New App That Can Scan Fingerprints From Glass To Unlock The Device

Hackers are discovering out new techniques to fool the fingerprint scanners on your device. A new incident has taken place where a hacker was able to unlock the device by picking up the fingerprints from a drinking glass that the user touched.

A new report shows that Tencent Security's X-Lab team revealed the hack at a hacking event held in China. The hack is simple, the hacker just picked up the fingerprints from the drinking glass that the user touched to unlock the smartphone.

How Did It Happen?

The report suggests that the hacking team developed an app, that takes care of the whole unlocking process and ultimately makes it a success.

The initial process starts with taking a photo of the fingerprint left on the glass. Following this, the app scans the fingerprint data from the picture.

At last, once the fingerprint data is scanned, a copy of the fingerprint is created which is finally used to unlock the locked smartphone. The process of creating the fake fingerprint takes around 20 minutes.

The cloned fingerprint was able to successfully befool three smartphones' fingerprint scanners and two attendance machines that help the fingerprint scanner to function.

During the hacking event, the hackers hide the whole hacking process and did not reveal any crucial information regarding the app or its functioning. In addition to this, hackers claimed that they have hacked three types of fingerprint scanning technology including Capacitance (the physical fingerprint scanners we find on a device), Optical (the in-display fingerprint scanning we find on a premium device), and Ultrasonic (the tech on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series).

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