Hacker Earn 12000 Parking Tickets By Registering Null License Plates Trick
Hacker Earn 12000 Parking Tickets By Registering Null License Plates Trick

The security researchers were able to hack the license plate treader and ticketing systems by implementing a simple trick. The security researchers registered their car’s license as “NULL” and this trick played the key role while messing up with California’s DMV ticketing system.

The trick worked well and managed to create a glitch in the ticketing system. But after implementing this trick, a very unexpected situation occurred as the cybersecurity expert ended up receiving over $12000 worth of unpaid tickets. Basically, it happened due to the glitch.

The security researcher is also called by the name “Droogie“. He disclosed what he did to exploit the ticketing system at the recent Def Con hacking conference held in Las Vegas.

“I was like, ‘I’m the shit,'” he joked to the crowd. “‘I’m gonna be invisible.’ Instead, I got all the tickets.”


Doogie explained how he managed to fool the cops with the help of Null license plates. It was not possible for the cops to issue him a ticket as they were not able to enter the ticket into their system.

But the scenario went against Droogie as he started receiving parking tickets for unknown cars. This happened because whenever a ticket for a car with an unknown license is entered into the system, it is regarded as “NULL”.

Droogie owned the car which was registered to the license plate that reads NULL and as a result, all the unpaid tickets worth $12,049 got mailed to his address. After this incident took place, he went to inform the California DMV and Los Angeles Police Department to inform about the issue. He was advised to just change his plate to a valid one.

California DMV removed the fine of $12000 which was initially put on Droogie. Although after getting instructed by both the departments to change the plate, he still used those Null plates. And he again received another $6000 worth of other people tickets.

It is to be noted the private company managing the database has not fixed the Null plate issue yet. This issue is also causing a serious bug in the ticketing system when the people whose surname has the word “Null” registers for a plate license.

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