Hacker Who Helped To Stop WannaCry Attacks Got Saved From Going To Jail
Hacker Who Helped To Stop WannaCry Attacks Got Saved From Going To Jail

Marcus Hutchins, the well-known malware researcher just got saved from getting into jail for creating and selling the Kronos banking malware. He became popular when he helped to stop WannaCry ransomware attacks which broke out in 2017. After this incident, he came to be known as an “accidental hero”.

According to Presiding Judge J.P. Stadtmueller, Marcus Hutchins will not spend his life in jail. The Judge described him as a “talented” but “youthful offender” during the court hearing which took place in Milwaukee. Hutchins accepts and his wrongdoings and also takes full responsibility for the mistake he made. Though Hutchins will not go to jail, he will not be allowed to enter the US anymore.

It’s going to take the people like [Hutchins] with your skills to come up with solutions because that’s the only way we’re going to eliminate this entire subject of the woefully inadequate security protocols

– J.P. Stadtmueller

How Hutchins Manged to save him from Going to jail?

Marcus Hutchins, a Britain-based hacker, currently working as a malware researcher was accused of creating a banking malware- the Kronos malware. This malware is capable of stealing the user’s banking details like user ID, password etc from the browser of the infected system. His twitter handle is @MalwareTech.

After the investigation, he was found guilty and got arrested by the FBI in Las Vegas. After becoming the malware researcher, he created another malware known as UPAS Kit. He was also accused of doing this. He got bailed by signing a $30,000 bond. After this indictment, he was living in Los Angeles. But after the filing of a superseding indictment by one of the prosecutors, he pleaded guilty and many of his charges were removed.

In 2017, WannaCry ransomware broke out and it affected thousands of computer systems on a large scale. This ransomware attack spread across Uk, Europe, and Ukraine. It affected many businesses, government & private departments and the most affected one was the UK’s National Health Service.

Marcus Hutchins secretly registered a domain name found in the malware’s code and played a very important role in stopping the WannaCry attacks. After this, he started leaving a crime-free life and working as a malware researcher. This all helped him to avoid the prison sentence.

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