Hago 2
Hago 2

Smartphones have changed the way we do things and as such many have embraced it to perform their everyday task. You can use this digital device to order goods, connect with people and so on easily. Gaming is also an aspect that smartphones have made more accessible. There are various genres of games that arose because of smartphones. From RPG games to multiplayer games, you can play pretty anything on an up-to-date smartphone. There is one genre of gaming that has risen in recent years which is Social Gaming. These games have brought about passionate players who are always on the lookout for the best to install.

The HAGO app has been on the scene for some time now and it has been gaining relevance in the gaming world. HAGO stands for “Have A Good One” and is owned by a Chinese gaming company that seeks to provide entertainment through social gaming. As time went by, the game became popular in other parts of the world. in July 2019, the app became the most downloaded app in the world with over 12 million downloads. The region which gave the company the most dramatic growth was India. Similar Web estimated the average user sessions to be an unprecedented 57 minutes. In recent times, Indians have grown to like the app, and users share HAGO referral codes, jokes, memes, and videos. The app is currently among the curiosity-inducing app among millennials.

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One of the most attractive and impressive features of the app is that it lets users communicate via text or voice with other players. This is all done at an in-game chatroom. You can relate the HAGO app to the Yahoo Chat of old but with more colorful and interactive features. You can download HAGO for Android here or for iOS here.

How to Use HAGO

After installing the app, the app will ask for permission for access to your device’s storage. You’ll need to grant this permission. Also, enable location access to discover players around you. You can sign up with your mobile number, email, or Facebook ID. On every login, you are awarded 500 coins. You can convert this coins to real gifts or even cash. A new HAGO update lets users have 100 coins per day. At lucky draws, you have a better chance of winning with this new update. You can get more winnings and details about this in the Shop & Coins section. The value of coins is displayed on the sidebar in the My Wallet section and from here you can purchase them.

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You will find all games in the homepage and from here you can continue to scroll to find more games. Games are placed in categories: Must-Play, Games With Coins, Hot Games, World-Record Games. Start playing a game by clicking it and you see your screen display your game score, number of players online, daily rank, number of players you beat, rewards, daily goals, and more. From the settings icon present on the top right of the game screen, you can see your game score and also access the quit or game restart functions. You can monitor and track your leaderboard so that you show off your winnings to others.

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HAGO Screenshot

Though there are many social gaming apps on digital stores for download, none beats the HAGO app. The app came to limelight just recently after catching the attention of various countries. There are still more to expect from the developers and we hope that soon the app will become a worldwide phenomenon.

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