It Happened to Me: How I Almost Got Scammed

Nigeria is a country rated among top countries with high fraudulent activities in Africa. It has high fraud activities back in 2014 and still counting. If you live in Nigeria, you might have witnessed many internet crimes also called cyber-crime. In fact, the Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2012 recorded over 250,000 complaints, while many people are too shy to disclose how they had fell for the Malaysia/South Africa email scam that took their hard earned money away and billions of dollars have also been lost by both individuals and companies all around the globe.


In a 1998 article by BBC News, titled “World: Middle East Internet Scam Offers Millions“, Britain received approximately 50,000 scam letters. This letters came via the International Postal System. The article specifically stated, “Over the last 10 years, Nigeria has been the principal base for such scam offers with more than 50,000 scam letters were read in Britain by the beginning of this year“.

Without wasting too much of our time going deeper, I will go straight to why I have decided to share this article with you people. It is simply because I do not want you to be a victim of this…

Trust me, many people believes no one can use their ATM Debit/Credit cards when they do not have access to their password. You are very wrong and you must promise me to change that attitude this moment as you read this. HERE IS THE REAL GIST.


It was one faithful afternoon, it was so hot at my end. I was out with some friends when this message came in; my entire mind was that the message is from our service provider as they usually send them with tactical style. Well, that is not where I am going. I ignored the message the first time. In about 2 minutes later, I got another and it keeps happening every 2 minutes. I gave up and forced myself to check the content of the message. Then I saw this:

I chuckled when I saw that and it showed it to my friends who told me to call that line to know their new tactic. Therefore, I decided to use the bonus airtime on my phone to do that. I dialed the so called CBN customer care line and trust me, the voice I heard was much like that of a customer care representative LOL… the voice was horrible. The truth is that I was talking to a guy that might have used a phone or app that can change voice and I immediately tap on recording so as to share with you guys.


Listen OR Download Audio File

Moral of the story, be extremely careful and don’t, I mean NEVER reveal any of your card details to anyone. The information i gave out during the phone call was incorrect. Because that is all they need to steal all your money away; your password is useless in this situation, as they will not need it to complete their transaction. The only thing you will be aware of is a debit alert on your phone.

I hope this gets to everyone and save a million souls from being scammed, outside from my story I believe there are other ways they perpetrate their scam but Nemesis will catch up with those morons who claim they are smart.

Have you ever been scammed? Do not be too shy to share your experience with us in the comment box below

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