Harry Potter Wizard Unite 2
Harry Potter Wizard Unite 2

Niantic launched Pokémon Go in 2016 with so much awareness and what followed was month-long virality. The game was good, talk about its simple mechanics and next-level augmented reality. But along the way it had low-key dominance. Niantic and WB Games joined hands to release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is a followup of Pokemon Go and they are both similar in terms of rabid fanbase and innovative AR. Still, it has its original experience that adds to its praise. You could as well swap elements of Wizards Unite and Pokémon 2.0 and you have almost the same thing. The wizards for trainers, fantastic beasts for pocket monsters, and so on but the original Wizard Unite feel cannot be mistaken. Before you begin to fantasize about the game, download it for your Android or iOS.

If you are an Harry Potter fan, then you can’t miss liking the game as you get to interact with a number of people, creatures, famous items that exist in the wizarding sphere. Oh, I forgot to mention! There are also Daily Prophet newsstands. As you play, you encounter the story as released in small measures. The game isn’t something you rush and you can spend some months on it. And yes! There are plenty of texts, with some VO. This will allow you to enjoy some moments of the new characters, Daniel Radcliffe that gives that spot-on impression and Maggie Smith that leaves you with an unconvincing impression.

Complicated as it may be, we’ll try explaining what playing the game involves. In the game, you have three different kinds of encounters: Fortresses, the game’s five-person dungeon challenges; Oddities, magical foes such as vampires, dementors, and werewolves; and Foundables such as people, memories, items, that you log into a registry after you get them freed from Confoundables which is a spell. You’ll have to complete different tasks that will be done by swiping and tapping your screen, similar to Pokemon Go. In completing Foundables, you’ll have to cast one spell but the others require attack and defense.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite 1
Harry Potter: Wizard Unite Screenshot

As you go on in the game, you’ll find greenhouses and inns which are the location of renewable pick-up for items. The spells each have a different shape for tracing on the screen. The power of the spell will be reduced if you move too slow or miss traces. This too can lower your experience points garnered from casting spells successfully. When you get Potions brewed from items in the inns or brew-houses, your health gets boosted and spells have more effect. You can also tap an icon present on the map, then trace the form of one of the many spells with speed and precision, and then free whatever item you have before you.

Wizards Unite App Screenshot 5 1 (1)
Harry Potter: Wizard Unite Screenshot
Harry Potter Wizard Unite 3
Harry Potter: Wizard Unite Screenshot

If you’ll notice, it has smarter mechanics and is a better version of Pokémon GO. Though you can’t compare it with the better wish-fulfillment mechanic that allows you to throw a Pokeball at Pikachu. Still, you get more fun tracing spells and this is an engaging method of approaching Wizards Unite’s collection. And who wouldn’t like the signposts made available in certain locations that make known to you the nature of Foundables helping you in filling the Magic Pokedex? Even at that, Wizard Unite doesn’t exactly explain the specifics of this central mechanic and by that, you aren’t taught how to improve in your spell cast.

Wizards Unite App Screenshot 6 1
Harry Potter: Wizard Unite Screenshot

If you are into magic games and fantasy world, the Harry Potter: Wizard Unite will aid you to explore these worlds. Pokemon Go came and was well accepted by many and there are good reasons why this Harry Potter game will also win the heart of many. With its unique gameplay, you can enjoy the best of augmented reality.

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