Despite the recent improvement, the smartwatch market with Android Wear has not grown promisingly in past years.

The special operating system for smartwatches, unfortunately, has not yet gotten so popular when, for example, the Apple watchOS – after all, the apple clock dominates sales in its segment.

In order to showcase the versatility of this platform for wearables, Google has decided to rename Android Wear, turning it into Wear OS. The novelty was announced in the official blog of the search giant:

The new name, which no longer carries traces of the green robot, should give the impression that the gadgets work only in conjunction with Android smartphones (yes, because several Android Wear are also compatible with the iPhone).

If you already liked Android Wear, you’ll still enjoy Wear OS, seeing that, in addition to the name, nothing else has changed.

The new nomenclature, which also came out on Twitter, comes as a sign that the company is still paying attention in the smartwatch market, and hopefully has big plans to make its platform for smartwatches gain more popularity.

To download the APK with the new name just click the following link:



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