Clear RAM on iPhone

It is still a bit hard to tell how this trend will go but it is evident that Apple is making much money right now and lots of that cash is coming from the sales of very expensive iPhones.

Latest news report shows that Apple is doing well this last quarter of 2018 in earnings. The company has made a total revenue of $62.9 billion. Last year, the company made an estimate of $52.6 billion. Without hesitation, Apple claim that much of the sales are coming in from overseas or international markets.

It happens that Apple has not been selling more phones to get to this point, for the company came up with the news that its most expensive phones are raking in the dollars. This gigantic sales is due to the recent iPhone XS and XS Max sale. The iPhone known as XR is not making the same earning impact, so it is not included in this release because it was launched later.

This means that the company has not sold more phones this year than it did in the past. However, despite flat growth in iPhone market, Apple continues to make same higher revenue from the smartphones. The company sold about 200,000 more iPhones and revenue was estimated went up 29 percent. The average iPhone selling price last year was $618 and now in 2018, that figure becomes $793.

New Info on iPhone XR Gains over Other Apple Products

It serves to explain just how much people are willing to pay more for high quality products. Apple has been reporting that iPhone X is its most selling device for several quarters now. The question is; are people rushing to buy Apple’s premium phones? Or will XR’s appeal win out? The really exciting moment will arrive in about three months, when things would have panned out and financials can really tell us what to believe. At that time, we will be able to make real educated guesses based on iPhone’s average selling price in three months.

So what will Apple fans buy more? iPhones or iPads? It is hard to tell but one thing is sure, iPads are coming stronger at innovations brought upon them by Apple. We hope to see more sales in that department in three months as well.


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