If you have recently upgraded Windows 10 from your computer with the April updates you may have noticed the slower computer. If that was the case, do not worry. It’s because you are not alone. According to many reports that are multiplying daily on Reddit and not only, but computers also slowed down and start to present some problems. This error appears to be a conflict between the operating system and the antivirus.

According to the Bleeping Computer website, this problem mainly occurs on computers running Sophos, Avast and Avira antivirus programs and have made the update.

However, this does not seem to affect only who is running Windows 10. There are also several reports from people who have Windows 7. 

The main problems that have been reported are at least five:

  1. The time Windows takes to fix
  2. The inability to start programs
  3. Delays in games
  4. Excessive disk activity
  5. Problems in video streaming, among others.

In a comment on the security site that we mentioned above, a user states that his Windows 10 was very slow and that the boot now takes an eternity.

Now, and after some investigation by the users affected by this problem, the origin of the conflict seems to reside in Windows Defender.

How to solve this problem of Windows 10 slow? 

When a person uses a third-party antivirus, Windows Defender disables its own protection in real time. However, this time is not happening. That is, even if you have a virus scanner on your computer, Windows Defender is still active. The result? a great conflict!

By the way, Avira has already posted an article on its site explaining what to do. In practice, if your computer was slow after the April updates, users only have to remove the KB4493509 update. This is in Windows 10. However, anyone using Windows 7 must use updates KB4493472 and KB4493448.

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