Here's how to Choose the Best Cheap Phone in 2019

Choose Best Cheap Phone 2019

Not everyone can buy flagship phones. True, these phones are sleek, beautiful, and when we talk about performance they are just too good. Think of it, flagship phones are super fast, contain massive memory space, snap high resolution images, and may also come with batteries that last for two or more days. These are phones that anyone would love to buy but not everyone has enough money to do so. In view of this, some of us resort to buying cheap phones. What should you look for when buying a cheap smartphone?

Mid-range or Budget Phone?

A mid-range phone can cost anything from $100 plus to about $400 and above. You can get acquainted with them by looking at camera features and battery features. So it is not just about the price that makes it mid-range or budget phone but also the features matter. A budget phone could be anything from $40 to $90. However, your goal is to purchase a smartphone that can offer about 70 – 90 percent of the same experience a flagship or high high-end phone would give. You may have to pay a fraction of the cost you normally buy high-end phone to purchase the budget phone.

Most sophisticated smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Vivo, etc are now releasing cheap phones that have at least one feature that normally would only be restricted to a flagship smartphone. Sometimes also, these budget phones arrive with almost all the features anyone wants in a smartphone.

In addition to that, we are seeing more smartphones that are close to entry level mobile devices arrive with such lovely technology such as rotating cameras or pop-up cameras.

Choose A Brand

Yes, this is very important, because we know that some manufacturers of mobile phones have no device lower than $100, especially when we talk about those released in 2019. But we have Vivo and Xiaomi; two smartphone manufacturers that have released many devices this year with a few of them coming very cheap. If those are not cheap enough, you could look to Tecno, or other not-well-known phone manufacturers. Once you decide which brand of smartphone appeal to you, check if that brand really has cheap phones that cater to your personal needs.

What that means is that some of us care less about other features in a phone as long as the camera features are good. Others who don’t care much about good camera features may want more storage space. Some of us may care so much about the fingerprint sensor than they care about massive space. So determine your top priority after you have picked a brand.

Scale of Preference

You don’t have many options if you want a smartphone that operates very fast, whether you’re playing a game or watching a movie; such a device will surely be equipped a very fast processor, Android 9.0 Pie, and other features but will come at a higher price.

If you’re looking for a phone that has good camera while the other features are minimal, you have a plethora to pick from. In this case, some will even have more powerful batteries than a flagship came with.

If you’re still confused about what you should look for in a mobile phone, click here to see why most people choose a phone above another. Then narrow down your preference by thinking about your primary and secondary features. Pick a phone that has at least one of your favorite features; disregard the other features because if the features are minimal it could definitely be as cheap as you want.

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