Translating With New Siri
Translating With New Siri

Siri is updated with the Translate function to translate the audio into 11 languages! The long-awaited WWDC 2020 began with the presentation of the iOS 14 news. Without a doubt, all the new features that will arrive on our iPhones this autumn will really make a difference compared to what we were used to. Among them, we will look at Translate, the new translation app for iOS 14.

Siri Questions
Siri Questions

The new application available through Siri will work to translate conversations in real-time through the device. With Translate, available on iOS 14, anyone can pronounce a phrase to Siri through the app and get the translated text and audio immediately after.

How does Translate the new iOS 14 translation app work?

The feature that tries to break the language barrier and that is undoubtedly Apple’s bet against Google Translate, will allow real-time translations on any device. The app will work in 11 languages.

The app is available for offline use, which means that people won’t have to worry about their conversations being recorded and used for ulterior motives.

As you can see in the reference image of the Translate demo, it will be available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

  • Touch the Translate icon
  • Press the register icon
  • Dictate a message in any of the available languages. This is reflected in one of the two screens presented by the interface and will be automatically translated into the selected language in real time, so that it is easier to follow the thread of the conversation.
  • In addition to being available in portrait format, this feature can also be used with the iPhone in a horizontal position.

We can imagine thousands of occasions when language barriers make communication difficult during travel, meetings or an infinite number of situations and for this reason all the functions dedicated to their resolution have the approval of the users.

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