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Nowadays it is very common to download a wide range of applications on our smartphones, which allow us to perform certain interesting functions. However, if we are not careful, there are a few moments when a phone can get you in trouble if it ends up in the wrong hands. That’s why you may need to hide some apps on Android and iOS.

How to hide apps on Android and iOS

Otherwise, it is possible to saturate the screen with a large number of icons due to downloads accumulated over time. It should be noted that there are currently various ways to hide apps on Android and iOS

Often we need not show some applications and for this reason, today we will find out how to hide applications on both Android and IOS. Well, without further ado, here we will tell you step by step how to do for both operating systems. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start!

How to hide apps on Android

First, to hide applications on a device with an Android system, we have various methods that depend on the type of application to be hidden. In addition, it also depends on our version of the operating system, with the corresponding level of customization, but here we will present you with a fabulous solution that you will love.

Downloading Apex Launcher will keep your apps hidden from anyone who takes your Android device in their hands. This app gives you the ability to hide apps you don’t want anyone to see and you can even lock the screen to avoid unwanted changes.

Keep in mind that Apex Launcher is nothing more than a launcher for Android which in addition to modifying the graphic interface of your smart device, also adds some functions. But its strength is undoubtedly the ability to hide an application on your smartphone.

Step by step how to hide applications on Android devices

Next, in this step, we will explain a quick way to hide your apps on your mobile screen, but without deleting them.

  • First of all, you will have to access the Google Play virtual store, where you must find the Apex Launcher application and install it on your smartphone.
  • Once the Apex Launcher app is installed and activated on your mobile phone, you need to access the Apex Configuration section and access the “Application configuration” section.
  • Later on the screen of your mobile phone, among the different options that appear, you will have to press the “hide application” icon.
  • Finally, at this point, you will see a list open with all the applications installed. Here you can choose the app you want to hide on your Android smartphone.

As we have seen, hiding apps on your Android phone is something really simple. The only thing you should consider is to download this fabulous Apex Launcher application and you will be able to enjoy its wonderful benefits.

Step by step how to hide apps on iOS devices

To know how to hide an application in iOS, it is first necessary to make a small distinction between the method used for pre-installed system applications and the process to be followed to “hide” the applications downloaded from the application store.

How to hide system apps on iOS

Touch and hold one of the apps you want to hide. (For example, GuitarTuna). If you use iOS 13.2 or later, tap the Change main screen button. If you have iOS 13 or 13.1, you need to press Rearrange applications. And if you’re using an iOS version earlier than 13, simply hold the app down until it starts moving.

Drag the app you want to hide onto another app. Usually, this should be someone who doesn’t embarrass you. Release the app icon when they are on top of each other. This creates a new folder, which your iPhone will automatically name, depending on the category.

If you want to hide another application, drag it to the newly created folder. Repeat until you’ve put all the apps you want to keep in reserve. You may want to put up other “dummy” programs, just to fill the screen.

With all the applications you want in the new folder, you need to drag the ones you want to hide onto the second page of the new folder. In Edit home screen or Rearrange apps mode (i.e. when apps move), touch and hold and drag the first app you want to hide at the edge of the folder.

This will take the application to the next page of the folder. Now release the app. Do the same for all the other apps you want to hide by dragging them to the last page.

Finally, you may want to rename the folder, to give it a safer title. In the previous example, we gave our folder the name “Dictionaries” or, since we added a couple of dictionaries, which are located on the first page. Keep in mind that any application on the first page of the folder will be visible from the main screen, although obviously it will be smaller than usual.

That’s all. Of course, you can perform this process with any application, third-party, or native. If you don’t want to hide your apps, you can drag them out of the folder and put them back on the main screen. To do this, you need to go to the main Edit screen. Easy and fast.

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