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Finland-based company, HMD Global, which now makes Nokia branded smartphones, has done quite well in reviving the Nokia brand. This feat is quite impressive considering how crowded the market has gotten coupled with the fierce competition.

However, one thing the company failed to predict is how confusing naming its smartphones could become. It doesn’t look like the company has a clear system in terms of naming its smartphones and as a result, it is creating confusion among the customers.

During an interview with Gadgets 360, Pranav Shroff, HMD Global‘s General Manager has also admitted the poor naming scheme for the Nokia smartphones. “We owe it to our consumers — and generally everybody — to make sure [our product portfolio is] clear. If we have not made that clear, and I agree that we haven’t, then that is something we need to work on better” He said.

The Nokia 7.1, for example, which the company launched as a follow-up to the Nokia 7 Plus, isn’t really a newer, upgraded version of the Nokia 7 Plus. This could even make you wonder what the Plus in the name stands for.

However, it seems that the company has finally learned from its mistakes and has decided to think of a solution. “We have a job to do there if we haven’t done it well enough, which I can see. So yes, the strategy [for the future] is to make sure to bring the simplicity that we always wanted to have” said HMD Global‘s General Manager.

He also went on to clarify that HMD now had plans to back on the “Plus” models if not get rid of them. It also wants to bring back the simplicity and clarity to the naming scheme.

At the interview, he also discussed HMD releasing the Nokia 9 PureView which is the latest flagship device from the company in the Indian market. The Nokia 9 PureView features five camera sensors on its rear. While we have seen many teasers from the company about the device, we do not know exactly when it will be launched.


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