Holey Light: LED notification on the Galaxy S10 via app


Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S10 - in my opinion - a really cool and beautiful smartphone, which is quite impressive. At least if you let the small problems out for a while. But despite a fingerprint scanner in the display, narrower display margins and an Infinity-O display you have a feature omitted.

Because you forgot the ever popular LED notification or simply omitted. Even if I do not miss this kind of notification on my S10 +, there are quite a lot of users who would have liked to see this feature. I like to use the Always On Display instead.

The developer Chainfire, which is actually known in the Android scene, has developed the app Holey Light. An app that emulates the LED notification using some pixels around the front camera. According to Chainfire, this is a simple option, but such an app is not that easy to customize.

Therefore, the app is still marked as "unpublished" in the Play Store and is in beta status. Also, some functions are still missing, which will be handed in later. For example, you can only see the LED notifications when the display is on. The app is completely free, ad-free and also without in-app purchases. The battery suffers from such an option, on the AoD it would be more practical and a real replacement for the Beanchrichtungs LED, but then also for the battery with consequences - so it is a real criticism that you do not just installed a Notification LED.

You can download and try out the app in the Play Store

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