So many smartphones have been delivered thus far in 2018. As this year closes, it will be one of the most memorable year of smartphones, a determining factor in smartphone technology shift. This is in spite of the fact that 2019 will be a year of 5G network.

Several companies have made it possible for us to see memorable mobile devices released this year. From Apple to Huawei, we see the magic in everything. But stop to think; which of these companies have made phones that are very much good enough for gift items this holiday?

We chose three smartphones that we believe are the best for anyone to give to friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Take your times to check them out below.

Apple iPhone XS Max

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest devices released in 2018. We refuse to call it the best but we acknowledge that putting it in number on position is a fitting move.

iPhone XS Max is the most marvelous phone Apple ever designed. Every feature is nothing but excellent and there seems to be nothing wanting in this smartphone. It came with the largest displays on an iPhone, which is 6.5 inches.

Top that up with excellent resolutions, screen to body ratio and pixel density. It is a mobile device on which anyone would love to watch Hi-Def content or play games for which doing it a long time is a pleasure because of the makeup of the screen.

The performance and camera departments also deliver some of the best in terms of operation as far phones are concerned.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

This is a market giant and the company behind it has been leading the smartphone market for years.

Coming with impressive hardware and software features, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 became irresistible to fans worldwide. Business savvy individuals have lauded the power of the device and called it a behemoth of 2018.

The stylus pen or otherwise S Pen stylus has become a magical display for many people worldwide. Samsung urges fans to re-create their own worlds by scribbling memos, making fantastic drawings or using two apps side by side. What a marvelous treat!

This phone is very good for those who love to multi-task and if the user has the know-how, it could connect to a display and other peripherals and present itself as a full PC in the hand.

This phone is reputed to have the best camera out there though it struggles best camera performance with Apple products.

Google Pixel 3

This is one of the cleanest, most interesting phones of 2018. Google Pixel 3 lends itself to good use, is void of design mess, and is a cohesive, smooth, and clean device standing among the tops in 2018. Not that this device is at the top but it is worth mentioning among the best gift items you could offer to loved ones.

This phone comes with advanced software tools that anyone would love and they actually work for people. Google Pixel 3 is here to make lives of people better. This phone is able to screen calls, automatically block annoying callers, use Digital Wellbeing to control screen time in a healthy manner and it does more.


Yes, these are three phones you can gift to your loved ones this end-year holiday. There are many other others as well, but here, we pay attention to only the tops of the tops.

Not to forget, these phones cost a lot each but if you do gift them to others, the memories will last longer than you think.


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