One thing that has attracted a lot of attention in the mobile world this year is the fact that the top manufacturers decide to submit their releases ahead of time. According to information, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 9 several weeks before its predecessor was launched in 2017.

Honor usually reveals its news in the second quarter and this year will be exception exception. However, unlike last year when Honor 9 was announced in mid-June, Honor 10 could be presented a month earlier, this if we take into account that the manufacturer has already started delivering the invitations inviting the media to the event Of launching.

Invitation for the launch of the new Honor 10

The event will take place in London, UK and will probably focus on a single device, say Honor 10. At least at the moment, we do not have device information, but according to the image seen in the invitation the device should not have the notch on the screen. More details will be announced shortly.

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