Honor View 10 2
Honor View 10 2

The security of our data on our connected objects has become an important argument. Overview of what EMUI offers regarding the protection of your Honor smartphone.

Huawei Honor 10 VS Huawei Honor View 10

In recent months, many scandals have erupted over the protection of our data. Securing these has become an important issue, both for those who host them and for those who provide them, the users. On this occasion, we will list what EMUI offers for you to best protect your data on your Honor smartphone.

The Safe function, to secure your sensitive files

EMUI offers to transform your phone’s storage space into a virtual safe where the data is encrypted. To access it, you need to go to Settings> Security & Privacy> Safe.

This Safe function allows you to protect and encrypt specific files on your phone. You will need to set a code or fingerprint to access it. In this virtual safe, you can drop photos, videos, audio recordings, and other files. What you will deposit will only be accessible via this application, with the unlocking mode you have chosen. The advantage is that your Honor phone will be able to contain sensitive files without fear that they fall into any hands. In addition, there is no question of cloud, everything is stored well in your smartphone, which avoids possible hacking when transferring files from your phone to the cloud.

Lock apps, to limit access to certain apps

As to access the home screen, you can limit access to applications of your choice by your fingerprint or code. To find this function, go to:  Settings> Security & Privacy> Application Lock.

An application that you want to book for yourself? EMUI allows you to lock access to one or more applications. It will only open if your phone recognizes your fingerprint. Once in the Application Lock menu, you will only need to create the list of applications you want to protect. We can think of sensitive content such as your mailbox, the application of your bank or even some social networks.

Facial recognition, to prevent prying eyes

Become an essential of our smartphones,  facial recognition adds another form of security. For example, you may be able to hide the contents of your notifications from third parties. To activate this function, it’s simple:  Parameters> Unlock by facial recognition> Notif. lock. smart screen.

On Honor phones compatible with facial recognition, like the Honor View 10, we can find some very useful specifics. First, you can hide the contents of the notifications on the locked screen. These little bubbles will display their contents only when your phone recognizes your face. A handy feature when your phone lands in the wrong hands or when you receive a noticeable notification. Another special feature is that your phone will only unlock if it recognizes your face with open eyes. For example, if you sleep soundly and someone tries to access your phone using facial recognition, it will not work.

Pin an app, to share your smartphone without fear

Need to show a route to a friend without having a walk in your messages? Screen pinning makes it possible to lock an application and prevent it from leaving without special manipulation. To enable this feature, go to:  Settings> Security & Privacy> More> Screen Pinning.

A bit like a demonstration model, it is possible to pin an application. Specifically, screen pinning will prevent anyone using the phone from leaving the application you have locked. Unless you have the technique: you must stay on the back key of your navigation bar. A tip that only you are supposed to know since this option remains rather unknown. Rather handy if you lend your phone to someone to show him a photo album or a game. This person will not leave the application pinned to navigate your phone.

Who has never been worried when a loved one handles your phone? Thanks to all these tips, you will be serene now. Simple and effective, they can be active everyday without compromising your user experience. Some even improve this experience, such as facial recognition which is very convenient to unlock your phone in the blink of an eye, while securing it.

Here are the default features available on Honor smartphones with at least EMUI 8.0. On your side, with which applications do you complete the security of your data? Feel free to share your recommendations in comments.

Discover also the last three smartphones of the brand Honor on which you will find these functions dedicated to the security of your data.

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