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Cheating in the performance benchmarking test is no surprise. Already many companies are doing that – an example is OnePlus.

Lastly, the Honor is found to be cheating on the benchmark test for Honor Play. According to Anandtech, Honor Play comes with a benchmark detection mechanism. Where this mechanism activates the higher use of SoC. Directly, the white-listed app will have a great and high performance. However, when this mechanism is activated it will use a lot of power and use a lot of batteries. In this case, Honor Play has GFXBench white.

Honor tested the Honor Play achievement by using GFXBench. So, when the mechanism is activated the benchmarks are high. Meanwhile, when this mechanism is turned off it only gets basic marks like normal users. Normally the Honor Play unit with this activated mechanism is a unit sent to reviewers rather than units sold.

More surprisingly, when asked Dr. Wang Chenglu – Huawei Software President, why cheats in benchmarking tests? He was happy to answer because other companies did such a thing, why not us. oops!


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