Before it quickly became clear that the new Honor Watch Magic is not far from the Huawei Watch GT. The design could already be leaked a few days before, it confirms now the relatively identical look. There are noticeable differences in the colors, for example, the red ring on one of the two hardware buttons on the case of the watch. But this watch offers even more differences, the built AMOLED display has a diagonal of only 1.2 inches.

Otherwise, you want to shine with similar values, including the integrated GPS including GLONASS and Galileo. One would like to offer a particularly good tracking, for distances, the sleep, and basic activities. Even for swimmers, this smartwatch is perfect. This watch has to be quicker to plug in, the built-in battery has a capacity of just 178 milliamp hours and is therefore not even half as big as the Watch GT battery.

Real-time OS, no Wi-Fi, and mini-battery

Incidentally, NFC is also on board, the operating system has nothing to do with Wear OS and the processor is again the low-power M4 – accompanied by only 16 MB of RAM and 128 MB of data memory. Due to the low specs, which also require very little power, it is expected that the battery life will last seven days under “normal usage”. If you buy the watch from Huawei, it will take two weeks.

Well, in the end, the price counts. Only a bit over 100 Euro costs the clock converted in Asia, more this scaled-down version of the Watch GT will simply not be worth it. Is it really only a question of what is so magical about the Honor watch?


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