huawei 2
huawei 2

As you can imagine, it’s not just Huawei that wants Google applications and services on its latest smartphones. North American giant Google also has a lot to lose from this ban… After all, Huawei is the second-largest smartphone maker in the world, just behind Samsung, with Apple completing the podium in the third position.

That is why Google again applied for a license from the United States of America, in order to resume the business relationship with Chinese giant Huawei.

Hope for Huawei! Google just asked the United States for a license

Very briefly, as you may know, if we follow, Huawei was added to Donald Trump’s famous ‘Entity List’, in order to block all business relations between the Chinese manufacturer and all North American companies that offered hardware and software.

Thus, Huawei is unable to use Google services and applications on its latest smartphones and tablets. However, Google wants to change this as soon as possible, so the Vice President of the Android Operating System and Google Play platform (Sameer Samat) has already made it public that Google has again made a request to the North American government to return to work with Huawei as soon as possible.

In case you didn’t know, only two Huawei devices have been launched without Google applications or services, the Mate 30 Pro that we already had the opportunity to analyze in January, and the brand new foldable Mate Xs that we went to Barcelona on Monday. So, if the request is accepted, these two devices will receive the Google blessing right away.

Something that may well happen, since Microsoft has already obtained its license to make Windows 10 available to Huawei laptops. So it’s normal for Google to feel optimistic in the midst of this situation.

Meanwhile, at Keynote last Monday, Huawei’s CEO (Richard Yu) even did something that no one was expecting! (As I mentioned here)

That is, it spoke of the partnership that Huawei has had with Google for over 10 years! At the same time that he invited everyone present for the launch of the P40 Pro in Paris on the 26th of March… Curious isn’t it?

Can we have Google back in the Huawei world?

Hope for Huawei! Google just asked the US license – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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