How Apple’s ‘Find My Friends’ App Saved The Life Of a Teenage Girl?

How Apple's 'Find My Friends' App Saved The Life Of a Teenage Girl

Apple’s Find My Friends app has helped a teenager’s life and has proved its importance in an iPhone device. The teenager belongs to North Carolina, United States.

According to wfnnews2, a 17-year old Mount Airy girl missed her curfew and was not able to attend calls or reply to SMS coming from her mother or brother. The name of the teenage girl is Macy Smith.

Macy Smith’s mother Catrina Alexander was able to track her by using Find My Friends app continuously for a long period of time. Alexander finds that her daughter’s location was showing the same for more than 7 hours and then she got in her and went out to search for her. And as her daughter’s location was fixed, it became easy to reach her.

The mother said in a statement, ” I can’t explain watching the GPS on my phone with my dot for my phone getting close to hers and then suddenly seeing the tire tracks”.

According to Macy Smith, she hydroplaned, flipped and rolled thrice and then finally got stuck between two trees. The family found the car under a 25-foot embankment at Pilot Mountain and the mother called 911 and EMS rescued Macy Smith from her car and took her to the hospital.

Now Coming to Apple’s Find My Friends app, it is a very popular app available for iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch. After the release of iOS 13 beta, the company combined the ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’ app together and called it ‘Find My’.

After getting out of this dreadful incident, the mother and the daughter thanked the technology and shared their experience so that other parents could learn from this and start using the app.

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