The software on OnePlus devices — OxygenOS — can be manipulated in ways you cannot experience anywhere else. If you love to personalize your stuff like myself, an amazing feature on it will let you change the theme and accent color of the UI to ensure it appears exactly how you want.

The default theme is decent but if you want to improve what you see, see below for all you should know.

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How Can I Change The Theme On OxygenOS?

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Swipe down and click Display.
  3. Click Theme.

If you have never altered the theme of your device, it will be set to Default.

OnePlus shows you 2 options to select from, Light and Dark, and they will both change the look of your settings page, quick settings drop-down, app drawer background, app shortcuts, and several OnePlus applications like Phone, Messages, Contacts, Calculator and so on.

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How Can I Change The Accent Colors On OxygenOS?

After choosing the theme you fancy, selecting an accent color is next. It might not be as vital as the theme you go for, but your accent color will reflect in the text/icons in settings, quick settings icons, volume indicator, app shortcuts text and also in the application drawer.

This is how to change your accent color:

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Swipe down and click Display.
  3. Click Accent color.

OnePlus presently provides you with 8 colors to select from but the company is working on improving things in the OxygenOS Open Beta which will allow owners to have access to more pre-made colors. They even plan to let users create their personal custom hue.

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