How Can I Delete Apps On My Samsung Galaxy Phone?

It is very simple to install games and other applications in the Google Play store. The process is so easy that you can find yourself with too many apps on your Samsung Galaxy device. However, there is good news. Any app can be deleted and the process to get that done is not complicated as well.

The only applications that you cannot get rid of are some pre-installed ones which came with the Android operating system. A lot of these apps can only be disabled. Disabling them will take them out of the list of apps and stop them from making use of system resources, which is the next best thing. Let’s expatiate:

How Can I Delete Apps On My Samsung Galaxy Phone?

  1. Launch the Settings app and click “Apps.”
  2.  In the list of applications, locate the app you wish to delete.
  3.  Click “Uninstall.”

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There is a different way to delete an application without launching the Settings app. You can only click and hold any application wherever on the Home screen or app pages, and hold on until “Home screen” and then hold on until a pop-up menu is seen. Then click “Uninstall.”

If the application had been pinned to your Samsung Galaxy’s Home screen and you do not wish to delete it completely, you can click “Remove from Home.” This takes the app back to the app screen and gets rid of it from the main position on the Home screen.

How Can I Deactivate Built-In Apps That You Cannot Delete On My Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Some built-in applications cannot be deleted but can be deactivated. There are a few apps that are key to your device working properly too, and they cannot be disabled as well.

Below is how to disable apps through a Galaxy’s settings:

  1.  Launch the Settings application and click “Apps.”
  2.  In the list of applications, locate the app you wish to disable.
  3.  Click “Disable.”
  4.  You are also allowed to tap and hold an application to disable it. If “Disable” is greyed out, you cannot deactivate or delete that app.
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