One amazing feature in Google’s stock launchers is the fast access to the Google Feed. It began with the Google Now Launcher and was also present on the Pixel Launcher but, you can seamlessly add it to Nova Launcher too.

Google Feed is a brilliant way to check out stories that Google feels you will like. You are allowed to personalize its content so it can stay relevant to what you fancy and then let Google handle things on your behalf.

In both the Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher, it is possible to rapidly access the Google Feed by scrolling to the leftmost home screen. In 3rd-party launchers, though, this could not be done. This is the reason why a companion application for Nova Launcher was set up to activate this feature.

The Nova Google Companion app does precisely what the name hints, it includes a Google Feed pane in Nova Launcher. It is a massive way to have that Pixel-like feels from a more decent launcher. There is something to note though, the Google Companion cannot be uploaded to the Play Store, therefore you will need to sideload it.

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How Can I Install Nova Google Companion?

Because of Google Play regulations, the Nova Google Companion should not be in the Google Play Store. This has to do with the app being a debuggable client, therefore it cannot be published there. And that is why it has to be sideloaded.

Sideloading has to be activated for the installation of the app to happen. In Nougat (Android 7.x) and below, it can be found in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

In Oreo (Android 8.x), sideloading is activated on a per-app basis, so you will have to head to Settings > Apps > your browser > Advanced > Install Unknown Apps.

As soon as it is activated, you will have to grab the Nova Google Companion APK from APK Mirror. You will most likely receive a warning that this kind of file can endanger your device. If that is visible, click “OK.” It is a safe application for a safe source, so do not worry.

After downloading the file, ensure the notification shade is pulled down and then click to launch the installation. Click “Install” and wait.

When it is done, click “Done.” Now, go back to your home screen and scroll over to the leftmost screen. You might have to grant the app permission to save application activity. Simply click “Turn On.” to do that.

You are done. Google Feed is now part of Nova.

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How Can I Customize Or Disable Google Feed Integration?

There are not so many customization options in the launcher, but there are still some things you can do. Head into Nova’s Settings menu and after that, click “Integrations.”

The first settings on the Integrations page are for the Google Feed page, it is named Google Now in the launcher itself and the first toggle will activate/deactivate it. The 2nd couple of settings allow you to scroll in from the edge of any launcher page to head directly into your Feed, and the final one edits the animation.

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