Can you know if someone blocked you on Viber? What can make you aware? Being blocked on Facebook, is it the same as being blocked on Instagram? This article will let you in on all you should be aware of when it comes to blocking and being blocked on Viber.

Viber is a great option if you do not fancy Skype or WhatsApp and it is very popular in certain countries. It provides all the benefits the other messaging apps provide with some extra features. Millions use the app and it is very easy to work with.

Because it is a social app, you will be equipped with all the regular social elements to manage certain hate, toxicity and strange users when you are online. Luckily for you, Viber caters for all of this.

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How Can I Know If Someone Blocked Me On Viber?

Like most social networks, Viber does not let you know when you are blocked. This could result in all sort of social awkwardness so things are quiet on that front like they are on Instagram or Snapchat. Not to worry though, there are some signs that will hint you that you have been blocked. Lets check them out.

1. No Profile Updates

If a user blocks you on Viber, you will not be able to see updates when you try to see their profile. If you are aware of the fact that they have been active on the network but that is not what you are seeing, this is a big hint that you may have been blocked.

2. No Message Received Notification

Normally, whenever you send a message on Viber, a Delivered or Seen notification will be visible, informing you about the status of the conversation. If you message someone and these notifications are not visible, you might’ve been blocked. Messages you send to people who have blocked you will keep showing “Sent” and not “Delivered” or “Seen.”

3. Zero Interactions In Group Chat

If you and the person are both active in the group chat, you can send a message to them via that. If they do not respond, they did not receive the message. If they did not receive the message, they might’ve blocked you.

4. Knowing For Sure That Someone Has Blocked You

As you must’ve noticed, i have been using “might’ve.” This is because none of the above are sure certainties that you have been blocked. Other reasons could result in that so it can be hasty to arrive at any conclusion with little proof.

If you feel someone has blocked you in Viber, the best option to use is to ask. If you know them personally on social media platforms, ask them directly there. If you know them personally, face-to-face, ask them directly when you see them. Be cool though, no violence, just ask. You can say you think Viber has a problem to keep things less tensed or you can just be direct with your asking. Decide how you will tackle the situation.

You can also go through a friend of yours who uses Viber to ask them or send a message. If they reply to your pal’s message immediately but not to yours, it is a clear hint that you have been blocked. If your friend does not get a response either, it might be something totally different and not blocking.

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How Can You Block Someone On Viber?

If you are about to be a blocker and not a blockee to prevent a user from annoying you further, it is a simple task.

  1. Access your Contacts list in Viber.
  2.  Choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. Select Block List and Add.
  4. Decide on the contact you intend to block.
  5.  Confirm your choice.

If you change your mind later on and decide to unblock them, go over the process once more but select Unblock rather than Add.

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