How Can I Locate Someone On Tinder Without Opening An Account?


Imagine this. You met the opposite sex on Tinder and immediately you get serious, you decided to desist from using the app. Then, your partner comes up in a pal’s stack prepared to be swiped? Can you know if they are still on Tinder if you have no account? Will you know if they are still very much active on the dating application?

First things first, regardless of what lots of paid services will have you know, you cannot know if an individual on Tinder is without an account. Those paid services will most likely make use of an account or will not fulfill their vows to you. An account is required to experience Tinder, else, you will no nothing about what is happening in there.

But, you can decide to set up a fake account and check things out. You will be behaving badly like them, but if you insist ......

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Locate Someone On Tinder

As per Tinder, forsaken accounts will not be visible in people’s stacks. Profiles card are chosen from active users inside the criteria you set. Displaying the profiles of individuals who will not respond or swipe back might seem like a waste of time so they do not get chosen by the algorithm.

Therefore, if your partner surfaces in someone’s swipe stack, they are making use of the application.

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This is not to say the are actively making use of it. They might’ve logged in to get rid of their pictures or do something you do not have to be suspicious about. We can find out in a couple of ways. One, and arguably the most effective, call them and have a chat with them on the matter. Break down what happened, that they appeared as a pal’s Tinder match and you are not happy about it. The reply could simply be that they just wanted to get their photos off the app and shut down their account. Hearing that, the issue is resolved, case closed.

Alternatively, you can use a fake Tinder account to confirm what is happening. Even if the first option is what we recommend, i suspect so many people will go for this option. Tinder does not make Facebook a necessity, you can set up an account with any email address and do all you want codedly.

Hints That A Tinder Account Is Still Active

There are 3 hints that will let you know that a Tinder account is still in use. Their profile is updated. News pics are added. Their Location changes from time to time.

Profile Updates

Only a foolish person will change or update their Tinder profile while dating somebody and conclude that the person will not find out. But it can happen. These people actually think they have nothing to worry about since their partners stopped using Tinder, or they can not openly speak to them about it without confirming they still use the app. They are so wrong.

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What such people fail to realize is that they have single buddies who use Tinder openly.

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Picture Updates

Its the same thing for updating profile pictures. If they have worked on a banging body, the natural next move would be to flaunt it. But not on Tinder. If you use a fake account to get yourself logged in or request a friend to use their account and view fresh images, a couple of things are not right. First and foremost, they are making use of their Tinder account to be visible in a stack. Secondly, updating their pictures means they still fancy and use the app.

Location Updates

Tinder will only update location when you use it. If it is not launched and unused, your location data will not be read or have it updated to the app. If their profile displays a new or a recent location, that is your clue that they have been using the application. Tinder makes use of location data to compile your stack from the area you are. Any alteration in location tells you that the profile has been active and swiping has been going on.

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