How Can I Multitask With At Least Two Apps On The Galaxy Fold?


Samsung's Galaxy Fold is an epitome of multitasking — meaning opening not one or two but three different apps simultaneously on the big 7.3-inch display. To achieve this on your brand new phone/tablet hybrid, this is how you can multitask.

Swipe Left (For Multitasking)

One of the main advantages of a massive screen is that you will be able to view several stuff. The Galaxy Fold comes with a 7.3-inch display in a 4:3 aspect ratio, letting you have lots of horizontal space to place two applications next to each other. Samsung came up with the software to let you multitask easily, using a swipe in from the right side of the screen to access up to four applications at the same time.

To expatiate:

  1. Locate the white divot on the right side of the screen..
  2. Swipe left from the right side to make the app selector visible.
  3. Select an application that you intend to open on the right. If the app you fancy is not there, click the 9-dot square so the list can be expanded. If the application you want is not there, multitasking is not supported for it.
  4. Re-adjust the size of the applications. You can make use of the center line for that.
  5. For a third application, swipe left from the right side to make the app selector visible
  6. Select an application that you intend to launch.
  7. For a 4th application, go over the process again but hold down on the app and bring it nearer to the center of the screen until Drop Here For Pop-Up View is visible.
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Shifting The Apps Around

While windowed, it can be easily moved around on the Galaxy Fold. Every app on the right side of the screen (the secondary ones) possesses a thin line at the top of every window, clicking it will display a menu that, depending on the orientation, lets you make the application full-screen, or overlay it over existing applications, or just drag the window to have it repositioned.

When an application is docked, undocking it is possible — plus it can be made into an overlay — or closed. An app that is undocked can be docked, reduced into a small icon on the screen, enlarged to occupy the full display, or be made semi-transparent.

Is Multitasking Useful On The Galaxy Fold?

The Galaxy Fold is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor and it comes with 12GB of RAM, making it robust enough to run over one application simultaneously. Samsung came up with software to work smoothly, switching between one app on the massive screen and including a 2nd or 3rd window, plus a 4th overlay, and all this does not hinder its performance.

Loving the Galaxy Fold surely has something to do with multitasking with it. Or else, it will only be a massive, awkward tab display that runs phone applications. Simply put, you will be under-utilizing it.

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How About Apps That Do Not Function With Multitasking?

Even if this will most likely change as foldable mobile devices continue to take over the world, several apps for developmental or functionality reasons do not aid multitasking. Twitter is one of them, and it just does not let itself to be buttressed up against with a different app. This means the only alternative for multitasking would be to overlay an application on top of it, which is not the best if you ask me.

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Other applications, like Netflix, do not support multitasking for clear reasons — the company does not need you interrupting your viewing experience to try to access your mail quickly. We can understand that, even if it is quite frustrating. Still, as time rolls by, if the developers feel more heat, they will eventually make it happen.

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