How Can I Read The Redacted Mueller Report?


Less than one month after Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended an almost two-year investigation, US citizens today can read Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the presidential election 3 years ago — minus the portions redacted by the Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice.

The nearly 400-page report, which touches on the special counsel’s investigations on Russian interference and if President Donald Trump actually stood in the way of justice, was released to the public after Barr held a press conference this morning, where he had Trump’s back.

There are several ways to read the redacted version of this report. Here is how you can read the discovery personally:

Straight From The Department of Justice

The most straight-forward way to view the Mueller report is to head to the special counsel’s website, which shared the redacted report after it was delivered to Congress this morning. The website also has links to other documents connected to the special counsel findings, which includes Roger Stone’s indictment and Michael Cohen’s plea settlement.

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Download An E-Book:

Barnes & Noble is providing downloads that you will pay nothing for, to access the redacted Mueller report on its website. Anyone making use of the retailer’s NOOK library can download the report straight to their PCs, tabs or e-reader.

Amazon is also giving you downloads of the complete Mueller report on its Kindle reading app, even if you will have to pay between $1.49 and $8 for those e-book versions. Amazon’s present top-seller comes with an essay from Alan Dershowitz, who is a popular Trump fan, civil liberties lawyer and a prof at Harvard.

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The Amazon release is expected with a placeholder date of 30th of April even if Amazon has said the e-book would be out for download asap, after today’s release.

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Hold On For A Copy In Print

For anyone who will just prefer to hang on to read the report in print, Barnes & Noble and Amazon will also release paperback editions of the entire report, which will be made available for pre-order. Amazon and Barnes & Noble even said that the print edition of the report will be accessible as soon as the Department of Justice releases it. Target will also make a print edition available, and it is expected to be out to the public after the Department of Justice’s publication. The most known version of that report should go for $9.20 from these 3 venders.

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