How Can I Rectify Android Stuck On Startup Logo Boot Screen?

A rampant issue most Android users battle with is that their devices getting stuck on the startup logo boot screen. These Android phones just starts booting but as soon as the Android logo is visible, the OS goes into a continuous boot loop, not letting the owners do anything to rectify it.

If you are facing such right now, do not bother your head. This tutorial will help you solve it once and for all.

Why Is Your OS Stuck?

There are several problems that can result in this issue. You will need complete diagnostics and inspection if you know for sure what caused your Android phone to be stuck on the boot screen. But, some of the most rampant causes are highlighted below:

1. Installed Applications

Some of the apps you install can be blocking your device’s OS from functioning the way it should. In several scenarios, glitching apps do not just make your device run sluggishly, but they can also make it completely freeze on the boot screen.

Even apps downloaded and installed from known stores like Google Play can be behind some problems, if they are not compatible with your system or they are weakly optimized and programmed. But the risk increases critically when you download applications from sources that cannot be trusted.

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2. Unprotected Device

If your Android phone is not protected, malware can be the reason for this booting issue. Malwares are known for causing frustrating booting loop, and can even steal or destroy valuable personal information stored on your device.

To block such from taking place, ensure you have an antivirus software installed. There are lots of free antivirus options for Android smartphones, even if some features will need you to pay something.

3. OS Failure

Your device might be stuck on the boot screen due to an operating system error. This is very difficult to resolve but it can be fixed. It can be caused by system updates or other problems that can tamper with your OS.

How You Can Get Your Android Device Unstuck?

Whatever caused your smartphone to get stuck is no longer the issue, our main concern now is fixing it as quickly as possible. This fix works brilliantly and you can get it done by yourself without any help just by adhering to our instructions:

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  1. Have Fone Repair (Android) Downloaded And Installed On Your Laptop Or PC

With dr.fone – Repair (Android) software, you can rectify your smartphone’s booting issue, plus other rampant issues like:

  1. Black screen (or blue) of death.
  2. Malfunctioning Android system UI.
  3. Apps crashing all the time.
  4. Google Play Store not working.
  5. Android OTA update failure.
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Therefore, just download and install the dr.fone – Repair software for Android on your PC by tapping Download on their official website.

2. Run The Software And Link Your Smartphone

After you are done with the first step, run the installed software. A window will appear.

Tap Repair and connect your Android smartphone to your PC with a USB cable. Then, more options will be revealed to you. Choose Android Repair and tap Start.

3. Type In Information

After tapping Start, type in the needed information like phone model, carrier, country and so on. Tap Next.

4. Enter Validation Code

After tapping Next, a pop-up will be visible, asking you to type in a validation code. It is an easy number displayed on the screen and you only have to re-enter it. After typing the code, tap Confirm.

5. Boot Your Phone In Download Mode

If your device is Home button enabled, you will have to disable it and then press the Volume Down, Home and Power keys. Hold them for 10 seconds and then click the Volume Up button to get into Download mode.

If your device is not Home button enabled, disable it and hold down the Volume Down, Bixby and Power keys for 10 seconds. Then, click the Volume Up button and you will find yourself in Download mode.

6. Download Firmware

The last step needs you to download the firmware by tapping Next. That is all you have to do while the software takes over.

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