Uber’s popularity is increasing every day. It is the reason transportation is seamless all across the globe now. Gone are the days of being delayed by regular cab drivers or physically stopping a cab at a bus stop. These days, from the comfort of our homes, we can reach out to a ride via phone from wherever, at any time, and it will show up when and where you want.

Better still, you are even allowed to schedule a ride in advance with Uber, which only became a possibility recently.

Past applications did not include this feature, but recent releases have added “Schedule Rides” that will let you book a ride in advance. If you have any event, appointment, or outing to a particular destination and you are sure of the precise time you will need a ride, it can be scheduled in advance with your Uber application.

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How Can I Schedule An Uber In Advance?

Schedule Rides cannot be done all across the globe, but it is possible in several American cities as at now. It is still not the best service, but if you stay at a location with several Uber drivers, it is a vital feature you can make use of.

Below is how you can schedule a ride in Uber:

  1. Launch the Uber application and ensure a destination is set.
  2. Choose your service type and choose the clock icon close to Request Vehicle.
  3. Ensure the time and date from the calendar popup is set.
  4.  Set your pickup point as you normally would.
  5. Choose Schedule, and after that, “Done.”

The process is similar to asking for a regular ride. You can set your destination, select a car or ride type, and instead of moving directly into the pickup, you can set the time and date. Then set your pickup point, ensure the car or ride type is confirmed, and then confirm the ride.

The route map and cost will be visible as always before you tap “Schedule.” The ride type will even be added in that “Schedule” like it normally would.

As soon as confirmation is done, the application will reveal a 15-minute window. Ensure this is scheduled into your plans when you set a time. If you feel time will be tight, do not forget to include added time when you set up your pickup.

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How Can I Change A Scheduled Ride In Uber?

As soon as you schedule a ride, it can be canceled and modified at any time until a driver accepts the ride. To modify your ride, it has to be canceled or rebooked. There is presently no option to change the schedule within the known order.

To change or cancel a Scheduled Ride:

  1. Launch Uber and choose “Settings.”
  2. Choose “Your Trips” and choose “Upcoming.”
  3. Choose Cancel and then confirm cancellation.
  4. Adhere to the instructions above to ensure a Scheduled Ride is created with your fresh details.

When you cancel before a driver accepts a booking, it will not cost you any fee. But canceling after the driver has accepted will attract the regular charge. Normally, drivers do not accept a Scheduled Ride until the day or 30 minutes or so before the ride is set to start. Canceling anytime before that time will be okay. But if not, you will part with about $5.

The Shortcoming

A vital disadvantage of Scheduled Rides is that Uber will not inform you if there is no driver available till you are within or at the end of your pickup window. This is not appropriate and can delay you when you need it the most. It exposes you to be late for your outing.

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