How Can I Send A Message In TikTok?

Are you a newbie when it comes to using TikTok? Not to worry, there are lots of people like you.

TikTok attracts new users monthly and most of them initially find it difficult to do and undo with the video application. It has a simple design but you have to be quite matured or have an experienced person who is no novice to the app, show you how to go about learning it. Without this, mastering it can be tough.

In this article, we will shed light on the basics, such as how to send a message on TikTok.

TikTok messaging is identical to Snapchat because you are allowed to comment and chat over a clip or set up different chat channels between friends. Any which way, you attract new friends in the application.

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Getting To Know TikTok

When installation of TikTok is complete, creation of an account is necessary via your phone number, email address or login via Facebook. You will now be allowed to decide on a username and then be able to use a profile pic. If you also intend to include a clip in your bio, that can be done now or in future.

As soon as that is done, you will be redirected to the application. “For You” will be visible, it is a feed of clips randomly selected for your viewing pleasure. As the application gets familiar with you, it will ensure this is what you fancy the most. Scroll left for a different clip or let the one on your display finish to instantly start another one.

To the right of every clip, a profile icon will be visible, plus a heart icon that works like Facebook Likes and also a speech bubble used for comments. A sharing icon is present too and it is responsible for sharing a clip. Last but not the least is the track listing which is for the audio heard in the clip.

How Can I Send A Message On TikTok?

There are some ways to contact a person on TikTok. It can be done by commenting on a clip they shared, replying a comment they dropped on one of your clips or reaching out to them via their profile.

How Can I Comment On A Clip In TikTok?

Around the “For You” option i touched on earlier, you will notice a small speech bubble on the right of the clip. This is where you are are able to drop a comment. Choose the speech bubble or wherever “Say Something Nice” is visible, and add your comment. Use the “Send” button when you are done.

How Can I Reply A Comment In TikTok?

Comments on stuffs you uploaded can be seen by choosing the clip in particular and clicking the speech bubble. A list of comments shared on it will be revealed and you can decide on the specific ones you intend to send a reply to. It is also possible to heart or like the comment or click it to respond.

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How Can I Use Direct Message In TikTok?

If you possess a person’s phone number, you can choose their profile and choose Message to contact them immediately. You must save their number as a contact on your device though. TikTok made this happen to stop spam and other bad behaviors. As long as they are a contact, you are allowed to direct message them directly. If their number is not saved on your smartphone, find other means of communication like the first two methods to message them till their number gets saved on your phone when they give it to you.

How Can I Stop Users From Sending Me Messages In TikTok?

TikTok is concerned about preventing harassment on the app while you use it but we know it will still happen from time to time. If there is a person that keeps sending you a message and its getting pretty uncomfortable for you, you can limit who is allowed to send you messages.

  1. Choose “Profile.”
  2. Choose “Privacy and Safety.”
  3. Head to “Safety” and modify settings for Who Can Send Me Comments, Who Can Duet With Me, Who Can React to Me and Who Can Send Me Messages.

You are allowed to set your account to Private, Public or Friends only. Choosing “Everyone” is for your account to be public. Choosing “Friends.” will make it for your Friends alone.

Altering this setting aids the management of all bad energy you might get from people on TikTok. Yes, this harassment is minimal but it is bound to happen once in a while.


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