Biometric security is a feature on several Samsung mobile phones these days. Fingerprint recognition makes use of the standout characteristics of each fingerprint to boost the security of your phone. If you use your fingerprint as a screen lock method, your fingerprint will be unable to unlock the screen for the first time after powering on your phone, therefore, you have to set and ensure you do not forget a back up PIN, Pattern or Password.

Please be aware that the location of the fingerprint scanner can be different, depending on the model you own.

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How To Set Up The Fingerprint Scanner?

  1. Head to Settings > Lock screen and security.
  2. Click Fingerprint Scanner.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. To be safe as you use fingerprints, set a Pattern, PIN, or Password. Choose one of these options to continue. Pls be aware that if you already have a safe screen lock authentication set, you can skip to the sixth step.
  5. Be prepared to add your fingerprint. Simply place a finger on the fingerprint sensor, remove and then repeat. Latest phones will let you slide your finger over the sensor for your fingerprint to be captured.
  6. Your fingerprint is now registered. Click Add so you can add another fingerprint or click Done to continue.
  7. Your phone will prompt you to activate Fingerprint Unlock. Click Turn ON to do just that.

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Fingerprint Troubleshooting:

  1. Ensure your skin and the fingerprint scanner is dry as you try to unlock your device – if any form of wetness is detected, the scanner will be unable to read anything.
  2. Ensure your finger covers the fingerprint scanner fully.
  3. Ensure no case or cover is hindering access to the scanner.
  4. Ensure the fingerprint sensor is free of dirt or debris. If the scanner is not clean, wipe it carefully with a soft dry cloth.
  5. When you scan every finger at several angles, it boosts the fingerprint scanner accuracy.

If your Fingerprint scanner is not responding to your fingerprints – simply unlock the phone with your backup credentials and restart your smartphone.

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