Nowadays, maintaining our privacy has to be one of our top priorities. Because we make use of technology for nearly anything these days, our phones are usually linked together. This is risky since hackers will only need a single device to gain access to all the information we have stored on all our devices.

It is troubling to think that someone can monitor your online activity, develop your profile from what you do on the internet, and then use this information against you.

Most times, hackers try to prey on mobile phones because they are the simplest to track. Definitely, your PC can also get tracked, but that is a different story.

This tutorial will break down how you can prevent your phone from being monitored and how to maintain your privacy.

Stop Google From Tracking Your Phone

One popular Google service is Google Maps. This online service lets users spot the precise location they want or check where they are presently at.

To make use of the service, you have to enable the Location option on your smartphone. This will let Google track your location via your mobile device.

Even if this feature can be of great assistance, it also represents a security breach since anyone can intrude with your connection and discover your precise location.

The steps below will explain how you can block Google from monitoring your mobile device:

  1. Head to your phone’s Settings.
  2.  Select Location.
  3. Scroll down and click Google Location History.
  4. Ensure the slider is dragged to the left or just click that option.
  5. You will see a dialogue box with 2 options.
  6. Click OK.

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After you are done with these steps, click Manage Activities, which is seen at the bottom.

Then, click the menu icon. Search for Settings and the dropdown menu and click on it.

Scroll through the Location settings and click Delete All Location History.

After clicking that option, a window will be visible, asking you if you are very sure you plan to permanently delete all location history. Tick the checkbox close to “I understand and want to delete” and end the process by clicking Delete.

These steps will make sure your device no longer gets tracked by Google.

Use Airplane Mode To Prevent Someone From Monitoring Your Mobile Device

A simple alternative that will let you block someone that is presently monitoring your phone needs you to turn on your phone’s Airplane mode.

Airplane mode is a built-in feature that can turn off the service and the network. Apart from that, you can use it to turn off GPS, your cellular network, and every other connections.

If you want to use Airplane mode to prevent your phone from being monitored, all that is required of you is to find the Airplane mode icon.

To get this done, drag down the application drawer from the top of your screen. As soon as you find the Airplane mode icon, just click on it. Airplane mode will then instantly deactivate your network and service, blocking everyone from monitoring your mobile device.

If you fail to locate your Airplane mode icon, you will have to locate it in your Settings and include it in the application drawer.

Head to your phone’s Settings and click Connections. Here, you will locate the Airplane mode or Flight mode, this depends on the version of your phone’s operating system, which you can enable by clicking its icon.

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Use Location Services To Prevent Your Smartphone From Being Tracked

This is available to just iPhone owners.

Head to your device’s settings and click Privacy. After that, search for Location Services and select it. The last step needs you to disable the Location Services.

Immediately you disable the Location Services, your mobile device will instantly stop sharing your location with all applications that might be making use of it.

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