Here is the thing about Amazon Video – It is not really a subscription service. It’s a hybrid. One one hand there are lots of films and TV shows that you are able to rent or buy, through Amazon, same way you would any other service. It is easy like that.

However, there are other things you must know here. There is Amazon Prime Video. This is a kind of subset of viewing materials that can be accessed for free to whoever is an Amazon Prime member.

Let’s break down what Amazon Prime really is.

It is a $119 i.e 42,870 naira per year membership which should be, by my calculation, a little above $10 per month when you pay annually. (Amazon asks you to pay $12.99 i.e 4,679 naira monthly if you prefer to pay as you go.) And for that, you receive less costly shipping on all types of products Amazon sells plus you get free access to all forms of streaming content.

What types of content exactly you may ask? TV series and films. And this is not old stuff that no one watches anymore. Amazon is home to a large stable of what it refers to as “Amazon Originals.” – These are shows created by and strictly for Amazon and there are no access to them anywhere else.

View 2 or 3 of these series in one year and that subscription has paid for itself, without even seizing the opportunities the other added benefits present.

So, even if this is not the regular subscription service you are familiar with, you should still consider joining Amazon Prime.

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How To Subscribe To Amazon Prime Video Channels

Plus everything you get in Amazon Video which includes Prime Video, there is also Amazon Prime Video Channels to enjoy. See this as a premium add-ons. Since several channels are mostly what you will view as a premium add-on with a different service.

You will require an Amazon Prime membership to gain access to these – plus, you get to pay something extra. In form of a subscription to be precise. There are several channels available. Some of them are CBS All Access, and HBO, and Showtime, and PBS Masterpiece — and so on. The prices are different, but you are allowed a free trial if you a prepared to pay for a channel

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This is how you can subscribe to an Amazon Prime Video Channel:

  1. Get yourself logged into Amazon.
  2. Enter the Amazon Prime Video Channels section.
  3. Tap the channel you intend to subscribe for
  4. Begin your free trial.

It is that straightforward.

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